About Me

Welcome! My name is Davis Nelson. I’m a software engineer with a background in networks, cloud, and security engineering.

You can check out some of my side projects and open source contributions here: https://github.com/dnelson27


Identity and Access Management

I have used Go and Kotlin to develop IAM services that have served tens of thousands of users in a highly regulated SaaS environment. I have strong knowledge of SAML and OIDC SSO from both a customer and service provider perspective. I’ve developed features for API authentication and authorization using both Oauth JWTs and HTTP sessions. I have experience partnering with other teams to integrate IAM features securely.

Backend Software Development

I have experience building both internal and external-facing backend software using a variety of technologies and languages. I combine my background in network technologies, cloud, and security to develop secure, performant, and maintainable software. I have experience working in object-oriented code with Kotlin, procedural code in Go and Python, and functional code in Elixir.

Security Engineering

I’ve worked on enterprise security engineering projects supporting vulnerability management and cloud security. I combine strong security fundamentals with the skills to develop automation and custom tooling. This allows me to deliver meaningful impacts to an organization’s security posture.


  • Amazon Web Services
    • Certified Security Specialty (May 2021)
    • Certified Solutions Architect - Associate (September 2020)
    • Certified SysOps Administrator - Associate (November 2020)
    • Certified Cloud Practitioner (May 2022)
  • Networking & Other
    • Cisco CCNA (February 2020)
    • CompTIA Network+ (June 2019)
    • CompTIA A+ (December 2022)


  • Bachelor of Science - Network Operations and Security
  • Associate of Applied Science - Network Security